FYSOP Cheers!

Hello friends,

One of the best parts of FYSOP is all of the cheering we get to do!  Below are some cheers that are specific to the Elders Issue Area.  Don’t worry, we will teach you how they sound when you get to BU!

Call and Response (BINGO):
Caller: B14, N42, G57
Elders: BINGO!

Call Out:
Elders: We’re old, we’re old, we’re old, we’re old, we’re old, we’re old

Little Red Wagon (Repeat After Me Cheer):
You can’t dance like this funky grandma/grandpa
My moves are better and I’m an elder!
Groovin’, groovin’, groovin’, yeah!

Stomp and Grind:
Caller: Hey Elders!
Elders: Hey what?
Caller: Hey Elders!
Elders: Hey what?
Caller: I see you walking down the street and girl they say you got no beat!
Elders: Well honey child, look at me go.  I have B-I-N-G-O!
I have BINGO! I-I have BINGO!

Reeses Pieces
Caller: Reese pieces, buttercup
Stick with us, we’ll cheer you up
Bang, bang, choo-choo train
Come on Elders, do your thang!
Elders: We can’t!
Caller: Why not?
Elders: We can’t!
Caller: Why not?
Elders: I’m capable, my mind is bright
And I’m an elder, oh yeah that’s right
That’s right, that’s right, that’s right, that’s right, that’s right, that’s right!



Holy moly, it’s less than two weeks until FYSOP!  We are so excited to finally see all of you in Boston helping this amazing community that you will soon call home.

image001361624650833fxfueaWhat are we most excited for? We are really excited to finally see all of the staff and you first-years interacting and volunteering together! Hopefully, this week will change some opinions about how wonderful the elderly really are!  We can’t wait to see the life-changing work you will all be doing in the city.  Get excited, because FYSOP is almost here!


Fill Out Your Travel Itinerary!

Moving off to college is so exciting but can be hectic with all the packing and traveling. Fortunately for you FYSOPers we try to make the transition as smooth as possible! Please take ONE MINUTE to fill out the mandatory FYSOP Travel Itinerary form. If you’re moving in from around the corner and just bringing one suitcase, or flying in from abroad and shipping all of your life’s belongings, we need to know your story! Where are you coming from? How are you getting here? Do you need a pick-up from the airport?

Help us make Move-In Day on August 26th a fun and exciting day by filling out your travel itinerary at http://fysoptravelitinerary.eventbrite.com/. This way we can welcome you to campus right when you arrive!

Travel Itinerary Promo Image

Café Emmanuel Site Visit

Hey guys! Recently, Rebecca went on site with Tré Pina, one of the Gender Focus FYCOs, to Café Emmanuel. This unique site is sponsored by the LGBT Aging Project and Ethos. It is a weekly, free luncheon for the elderly LGBT community and their friends at Emmanuel Church. The luncheon is often followed by a variety of entertainment programs including guest speakers and performances from the New England Conservatory. There is even a book club that meets before the luncheon! Rebecca and Tré had a fantastic time conversing with the elders, asking about their stories, as well telling their own.793657_10151554892946239_1290528494_o

If you go to this site during FYSOP, be prepared to chat and eat with all of the LGBT elders and play a game or two with them. This luncheon is a great way to connect with a different generation! There are even some BU alumni that attend the weekly lunch, so be sure to find them!

FYSOPingly yours,

Rebecca & Kirsten

La Alianza Hispana Site Visit!

Hey FYSOPers! Last week, Rebecca went on site to La Alianza Hispana with Jonathan Candelaria, one of the Urban Engagement FYCOs, as her translator. This site is a nonprofit Adult Day Health Program for the elderly that caters to the Boston Latino community. It is a place where Latino seniors can connect with each other, as well as have access to skilled nursing, nutrition education, exercise and physical activities, and much more. The program is covered by Mass Health medical insurance, giving more elders the opportunity to be a part of this amazing community. The program’s main goal is to help improve participant’s cognitive capabilities and their own sense of independence.

This site is full of joyful and energetic elders that have come together to have a good time and build amazing relationships with each other and the staff that work there. When we arrived, the elders were having a sombrero fashion show, strutting their stuff to the music and cheers. La Alianza Hispana is a very unique site that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, even if you don’t speak a lick of Spanish. If you go to this site, be prepared to engage in games and fiestas with the elders that are there.

Best FYSOP love,

Rebecca and Kirsten

Below is a great video about the experiences of the participants that go to La Alianza Hispana!

River Bay Club Site Visit!

photo-9Yesterday, we visited the River Bay Club in Quincy, MA.  The River Bay Club is an upscale facility that features both independent living and assisted living options, enabling elders who are more independent to transition into the assisted living program if necessary.  The building is incredibly beautiful and offers multiple amenities for the residents like a library, internet café, and barber shop, to list a few.  If your group visits River Bay, you can expect to have a lot of fun interacting with the residents and participating in a day full of luau-themed activities!

Here’s a great video from FYSOP 22’s Elders Coordinators Bridget and Claire from when they visited River Bay Club:


Ageism is the discrimination against and stereotyping of people due to their age. While ageism is a term mentioned when discussing different types of discrimination, the societal implications of ageism are not often acknowledged or discussed.  Prejudicial attitudes that exist toward seniors have contributed to the marginalization and devaluation of many elders in our society.   This FYSOP, the Elders Issue Area will work toward raising awareness about this issue.

We asked some of the staff in the Community Service Center what they thought about ageism and what ageism meant to them.  Here were their responses:

What do you think?  Share your thoughts with us!

Special thanks to Swanson Ninan, Rosie Bauder, Morgan Whaley, Alex BarberDeana Gordon, and Amanda Dowd!